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About Acrylic Deluxe

The Full Story

About Us

Let's get acquainted.

 We are husband and wife Slava and Rita, owned and managed the Acrylic Deluxe brand.
We have been processing acrylic since 2000. During this time, many projects have been implemented in various industries. Such as huge aquariums, acrylic windows in the pools, various small architectural forms and of course acrylic furniture.
We really love what we do.
Thanks to individual service, we deal with large and small projects. Many years of
experience, the most modern production technology and a sense of the prevailing trends
make us a reliable partner.


Margarita and Vyacheslav are owners of the Acrylic Deluxe brand
Rounded corner acrylic chaise lounge

About Acrylic

Acrylic is a colorless, perfectly transparent, impact-resistant, unbreakable material.
Does not turn yellow and retains its optical transparency for at least 30 years.
Possesses high resistance to atmospheric influences.

About Design

Design play a particularly important role in the selection of
interior furnishings. Discover the world of acrylic furniture, get inspired by modern decorations and
enjoy your interior. Remember we can design the best quality, most versatile and durable
acrylic items.

Wooden steps with beautiful acrylic balusters
Acrylic console table element

About Quality

In order to obtain an attractive appearance of the product, we use only the highest quality cast acrylic of the well-known brands Plexiglas, Reynolds, Altuglas.

For strong and durable adhesive joints, we use acrylic processing and gluing technologies, which are used in the construction of oceanariums.

To obtain maximum transparency and gloss, the product goes through up to 7 stages of grinding and polishing.

Products undergo strict quality control before packing and shipping.

Feel good, relax and enjoy the beautiful atmosphere - with high-quality furniture that suits your tastes. 

Contact us to start your custom acrylic order. 

Write to us at to discuss your needs.
Submit your images, photos, sketches, ideas or questions and we will be happy to answer.

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